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Pssst….! Here’s how you can bypass the Floh waitlist!

So in the couple of months that we’ve been in business, we’ve grown really fast and now we’ve got a waitlist of a month! However, a little bird tells me that there’s a way to bypass this annoying waitlist. Simply get an existing Floh member to introduce you to Floh and your name pops right

Single in the city? Floh is manna from heaven

I grew up in Bangalore and I’ll be the first to admit that despite its reputation for being ‘cosmopolitan’, if you’re a single person here, life is tough. If you’re not part of an existing clique, it takes a prodigious amount of time & energy to meet like minded people in the city. I suspect

Welcome to Floh – a refreshing new way to meet like minded people!

The idea for Floh was born out of conversations with our single friends – the guys are always complaining that there aren’t any single women and the single women are usually wondering where all the single men have vanished. And yet, it’s apparent that there is an abundance of single men and women around. The